Mens' Monday Night Triples

The men register teams with the Competition Committee at the start of the season, and the Triples League fixtures begin on the first Monday in June. However, members actually meet up each Monday from the start of the season before the first Triples League match for informal roll-ups. Matches start at 6.15pm and are played over 15 ends, 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw.  Traditionally, the rink with the highest positive shot difference each Monday picks up a small cash prize. A spare rink is always kept available for players whose teams don't have a League match that night to have a roll-up.  For this reason, Club Competition fixtures cannot be played on a Monday night. The results are compiled into a League and players from the winning team receive trophies at the Clubs Presentation Lunch. One of the traditions of Bloomfield, the Monday Night Triples is a great opportunity to meet your fellow members and enjoy competitive bowls but played with a smile.

A "mini-league" is organsied by the Competition Committee for several weeks after the League fixtures have been completed, so that Monday Nights continue into September and the light begins to fail.

At the end of the season a raffle takes place and all participants in the Triples League have the chance to pick up a prize.

Good food and a drink at the bar invariably tops the evening off in fine style!

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