Mens Friendly Matches

For some it's the cut and thrust of league bowls but, for others, its the friendly fixtures, long standing and new, are where the real enjoyment of bowls is to be found. Standards of play may vary, concentration levels may waver, but everyone should have the same aim - to play competitive bowls and enjoy it!

Many Bloomfield members enthusiastically scan the fixture list for the date of the friendly match with their own favourite opponents. Often old friendships are rekindled and good natured rivalries renewed especially after the game over a drink and sandwiches. 

More competitive bowls has changed the face of the game since the formation of Leagues in the 1990s but the friendly fixture still has a vitally important role in the health of any club and all would be wise to remember it. It is these games where new or developing bowlers hone their skills and the more experienced pass on their pearls of wisdom to the next generation of stars.

Local clubs or Touring teams wishing to discuss a new friendly fixture please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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